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Michael Poulin

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This article describes two techniques that may be used for assured delivery of important data, specifically, audit data, in distributed systems. We will review design that leads from assured to guaranteed delivery. This task gets more and more important in light of modern global operation risk regulations and related application risk management. Business Task and Functional Requirements Relatively recent operation risk management regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and in some cases Basel II, require collection of "material evidences" of user activities that can affect financial reporting of the company. This includes user activities in the software applications, especially in the financial industry. In many cases an activity is interpreted not only as a fact of application access, but also as an access to a particular application function and even data. The user... (more)

Entitlement to Data

The requirements for different user-facing applications frequently say something like: "User has to see/read/be shown only funds/records/itineraries/policies he or she is entitled to." Permissions in these cases usually depend on multiple factors related to the user profile (job role, locale, etc.), to the protected data (data origin, storage, approval status, etc.), or to both. This represents the fine granular entitlement requirements that are rarely supported by commercial systems. In this article I will discuss different methods of entitlement to persistent data. The describ... (more)

WebLogic Journal: If a Resource Thread Hangs in the Portal

This article describes a workaround design that allows a Portal to survive if its resource starts hanging request threads. Business Task How frequently does your Portal experience user requests hanging in the resource? Not frequently, I hope. However, if this happens and the resource continues hanging user requests, the Portal is exposed to a fatal risk of spending all of the configured concurrent user requests and eventually dies. This is a disaster. I faced such situation a few times and decided to protect my Portal from even rare surprises such as these. Let a Portal include s... (more)

Logging for SOA

What could be the problem with logging in SOA in the presence of such wonderful tools like log4j, Java's logging library and similar? Why might we need something special for SOA and why aren't existing techniques enough? The answer is simple and complex simultaneously - in SOA we are dealing with distributed and composed entities that cause problems in log maintenance, not in log creation. Local Build, Distributed Analysis Let's follow a typical service development process and see what might go wrong with logging along the way. Assume we have three business services - F1, F2, an... (more)

Service Versioning For SOA

(Found in a blog, "Versioning is as inevitable as security.") SOA development practice isn't much different from other software development practices except for design and maintenance. Multiple self-containing and aggregated services that interact with others have their own lifecycle and evolution. The loosely coupling model of SOA services significantly simplifies design but creates additional difficulties in maintenance, especially in the interoperability of different service versions. To better understand the requirements of SOA service versioning, let me ask several question... (more)